ST. ALBANS — Joe Halko is director of community relations at Northwestern Counseling and Support Services (NCSS). But in 1992, he was working for a different company: Jogbra, the designer of the original women’s sports bra. Halko was working on a marketing effort for the company with a New York-based ad agency.

One day, Halko had a conversation with a woman from the ad agency. The conversation turned to voice work.

And then she said something that opened a path Halko still walks to this day: “You ought to do a tape.”

Halko’s voice, she said, was ripe for ad work.

“I guess it was just kind of a ‘Oh. That sounds interesting. I guess I’ll give it a shot’ thing,” Halko said.

So he did. He recorded a demo tape and gave it to the advertiser. She promised to pass it on to the William Morris Agency, a top talent agency. But Halko never followed up to see what the agents thought of his voice.

That was a lesson, he said, when he officially began his voice acting business two years ago.

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