ENOSBURG FALLS — At the heart of the Enosburgh Initiative’s meeting Thursday night was a New Year’s Resolution: a mutual agreement, among those in attendance, to work toward a full-time grant writer for Enosburgh.

This was not the first public discussion of the possibility. Enosburgh native and Initiative moderator Jim Cameron suggested the position based on a similar position in Fairfield, where he resides, during an early October Initiative meeting.

Cameron then proposed the possibility to the town and village boards at the boards’ joint meeting a few weeks later.

Town selectpersons said they were concerned the program could jeopardize their grant writing relationship with the Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NRPC). Cameron said Greta Brunswick, the NRPC planner who does that grant writing, had also spoken in favor of the Enosburgh-specific grant writing position, but that did not seem to alleviate the selectboard’s hesitations. Village board members seemed to listen to the suggestion, and consider it, but no one spoke on the matter.

Nothing has publicly happened regarding the suggestion since then, until Thursday night’s Initiative meeting.

Cameron presented the group with a list of the Initiative’s work in the past year at the meeting’s start. It was a long list, ranging from the Initiative’s role in kickstarting the Vital Village downtown planning project to writing grants for public kayaks and canoes, from reviving the Enosburg Falls Economic Development Corporation to physically resuscitating the Masonic Temple.

Translate that list to in-kind work, Cameron said, and you’d have the equivalent of a massive dollar figure.

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