SWANTON — Father Rob Spainhour used to be a history teacher. Wandering the Holy Trinity Church ahead of its 150th anniversary, Spainhour became one again.

A former priest’s mother, Olive Barker Stone, pushed the Bishop at the time to re-establish a church here in 1867, Spainhour said. When her son became rector, she paid for a new, bigger church.

He pointed out a plaque on the wall commemorating her efforts. Italian marble and della Robias. A triptych installed and restored more than a decade ago.

“The smoke from the boiler over the years, and candles… they couldn’t even see blue in it,” Spainhour said.

Spainhour himself has only been here two years. He came to Vermont from South Carolina in 2015. But when he speaks about the church, it sounds like they share a lifetime. Even putting his priestly duties aside, Spainhour seems like the perfect person to lead a celebration of the Holy Trinity’s lifetime.

He will do just that with a service tonight beginning at 5:30 p.m.

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