SWANTON — We can’t wrap up this holiday season without acknowledging the winners of the Swanton Chamber of Commerce’s annual holiday decorating contest.

This year, two homes came out on top: the Bailey residence, on Cedar Ledge Estates, and the Beaulieu residence, on Mountain View Drive.

In the case of the Bailey residence, the couple’s 11-year-old son designed the extravagant display on paper before the family set it up — including music, Santa and reindeer, snowmen, a Nativity scene, a giant teddy bear and Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Four unidentified judges, all previous winners of the holiday decorating competition, cruised Swanton one mid-December night, with chamber president Suzanne Washburn at the wheel.

Per Washburn, the judges felt the Bailey display emphasized the importance of Christmas for the kids, while the Beaulieu display felt “homey.”

The chamber presented plaques to each of the winning families.


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