From the St. Albans Museum: 

The Museum discovered two of these photos in our collection during a research project, but we did not know the occasion, date of the event, or information about the participants. There was only one clue – the name Jacqueline McCormick.

SAM volunteer Rae Laitres recalled that her mother spoke about taking part in a “May Day Health Parade” as a grade school student in the 1930’s. This was a popular community event held for local children during those years to promote general health and wellness. Through her research, Rae located an article which described an event crowning local “Kings and Queens of Health,” which identified these children as: James Flynn, Marion Stone, Jacqueline McCormick, and Richard Hill. Rae was able to use the 1942 BFA Mercury yearbook to compare photographs of the winners as high school students to help confirm (we believe) their names. Our research also indicates that the adult in the photograph is likely Dr. W B Arnold, who was the City Health Officer at the time.

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