From the Saint Albans Museum:

Aldis Hill has been a sight of interest and recreation as long as St.
Albans has existed.  It was probably completely logged off in the 19th
Century, and some of the early photographs taken from there show wide open
vistas with few trees or obstructions to the views.  One of the most
interesting sights on the hill is the Brainerd monument which was erected
on the location of where Lawrence Brainerd shot a large grey wolf in 1839.
Try to envision what Aldis Hill must have looked like at a time when a
wolf, six feet in length, might be found there!

The image you see here was probably taken in the mid 1960s when the ski
area on the east side known today as Hard’ack was new.  Standing on the
steps at the left is Clifford Smith.  Mr. Smith was the operator of the
rope tow.

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