ENOSBURG FALLS — James and the Giant Peach was a beloved children’s novel by Roald Dahl. Decades later, it was released as a critically acclaimed animated film. Today Dahl’s story continues in an Enosburg Falls auditorium, but as something a little more musical.

The Enosburg Falls High School Drama Club, with the direction of Em Frappier and Rachael Sherman, will be presenting the children’s story as a musical, with the beloved tale taking on a tone that, according to one of its actors, is decidedly more “jazzy.”

“It’s really colorful,” said Kevin Diette, the play’s magician and narrator. “It’s zany and all over the place.”

For the students of the drama club, James and the Giant Peach is almost a point of pride. The fifteen-or-so students who make up the drama club handled the majority of the grunt work for the play, from building the sets and costumes, to manning lights and sound.

“The whole project is our work, and there’s not a lot of us,” Diette said. “And we’re putting this whole show on all by ourselves.”

“All of it coming together on stage is I think my favorite thing,” added Emily Rose, who plays the motherly Spider in the play. “Just seeing everything that we’ve worked for come together is really nice.”

For the students, the stage offers a chance to step out and take on a new character, whether its relatable – Rose sees herself in the Spider – or something a little crazier.

“It’s a way to broaden your own personality and fit a role in a way that can entertain someone or teach a lesson, really,” Diette said. “It’s also a lot of fun.”