Fonda employees 1950sFrom the Saint Albans Museum:

Recently, former Fonda employee, Richard Rushlow donated a collection of items and photographs related to his years working at the Fonda Container plant on Lower Newton Street. Nothing remains of the Fonda plant today but a few items, photographs and memories. The factory was completely demolished just a few years ago.

Among the collection was this image.

It appears that this group is perhaps on the front steps of the former Governor Smith Inn? And we do not know the reason for the gathering. What we do have fortunately are the names of the attendees!

Front Row L – R: Carolyn Berryman, Elizabeth Eakin, Helen McLeod, Beryl Medler, Betty Bradish, and Jack Bradish.

Second Row L – R: Barbara Menaude, Alice Perlman, Evelyn Wright, Robert Walker, and Carroll Hefflon.

Third Row L – R: Jim Willis, Mildred Downey, Gladys Rounds, and Hilda Walker.

Fourth Row L -R: Eleanor Maynard, Helen Hathaway, Bill Medler, ? Perlman, Stanley Worthein, and Roland Paige.

Fifth Row L – R: Robert McLeod, Foster Maynard, ? Eakin, grand-daughter of Marian Worthein, Marian Worthein, and Cassius Pierce.

One wonders what has distracted Mr. Paige, and what is he thinking about as this group gathers for dinner?

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