ST. ALBANS CITY – The Shady Lawn Service Station was built in 1930 by Dr. Francis Norris, a prominent ear, nose, eye and throat specialist. His home, as seen here behind the service station, was located on Ferris Street. Richard “Dickie” Miller, as a young boy, heard the name Peter Barker being mentioned many times, and he believes Barker ran the service station for Norris.

Later on, Gulf Oil owned the station, and Clifford Domina leased it from them in 1946. Roladn Miller, Dickie’s father, worked for Domina from 1954 to 1960, and when Domina retired, Miller leased the property from Gulf Oil until around 1970. He then purchased it from Gulf Oil. Dickie took over the business when his father retired in 1995, and in August of 2017, he sold the property to Handy Toyota. They, in turn, started the business Rail City Liners.

The largest of the pumps near the sidewalk pumped diesel fuel. Dickie has saved many of the signs and part of the air tower pump, which is located to the right in the photo.

The car to the right near BFA is Norris’s car, and his driveway continued up to the house. Under his home, a large garage enabled Norris to drive around it and drive out. No backing up necessary!

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