From the Saint Albans Museum:

In the mid-1920s the doctors who served the Franklin County communities had a gathering of some sort, and this would appear to be their unofficial group photograph.

We are able to identify several of the men who gathered that day.  In the middle row at the far left ( dark moustache, white shirt and black tie) is Dr. Frank Norris whose home and office was between the old St. Albans Hospital and BFA.  It was demolished as both of those institutions expanded, and the marble fireplace is now in the Museum.  Directly behind him is Dr. Pierce.  Sitting next to Dr. Norris is Dr. Johnson.

In the front row, third from the left, in white, is Dr. Arnold.  The other man sitting in the front row all in white is Dr. Davidson.  His home and office was on Bank Street.  The last man we can identify is the doctor to the left of Dr. Davidson, and that Is a Dr. Hyatt.

Don’t you love the automobiles too?

Do you recognize any of the other doctors gathered that day?  If you do please call the Museum at 527-7933, or send us an email at