By AJ McDonald
Museum Volunteer

This esteemed group of people represented Franklin County at the Vermont State House that year. It is quite likely that many of them were Republicans as Vermont was still essentially a one party state in the early 1950s, but those days were soon coming to an end. Reapportionment would change the political landscape in the very near future.

Front Row L – R: Helen Gray, Fairfax; Alice Crowe, Sheldon Springs; Ernest Perley, Enosburg; Guy Arthur, Fairfax; E Frank Branon, Fairfield; Edith Drew, Richford; and Ina Glidden.

Middle Row L – R: Ethel Cassidy, Highgate; Carroll Hefflon, St. Albans;
Gaylord Foster, Montgomery; Floyd Chaffee, Enosburg; Daniel Luther, Georgia; and W Kinney, St. Albans Town.

Top Row L- R: W Perley Cramton, Berkshire; Stephen Perley, Enosburg;
Clifford Boucher, Swanton; John Nichols, Bakersfield; Emerson Spaulding, Fletcher; and Michael Branon, Fairfield.