I am a mother of 4 daughters age 28, 22, 19 & 8, who have been educated at home, private and public school.

We have placed our youngest daughter in public school from Kindergarten to present day, thinking we didn’t have the bandwidth of time and energy to homeschool. As a result of Covid-19 school closures, we are now homeschooling a third grader. There was little to no guidance in the first month of the journey so I reverted to my old curriculum and was encouraged by a friend, Sam Sorbo (she played Serena on the television series Hercules) who is a homeschool advocate nationally. Her encouragement is what caused me to decide to enroll as a homeschooler for next year as well. I can’t imagine my child thriving in a class with Plexiglas dividers, masks on, no socialization, sterile lunchtimes in the classroom and all the ridiculous overwhelming directives from the CDC.

My daughter’s mental health is more important than this concept of cocooning every single citizen. Stay in place until what? A cure for Covid-19. No she deserves more and so do all of our children! I encourage each parent to consider what is best for their child and not just blindly send them to public school. Consider your options. Know you are capable and do what is best for your family!

Heather M. Sheppard

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