ENOSBURG FALLS — The governing board of the Enosburg Falls Economic Development Corporation (EFEDC) met for the first time in years on Tuesday, Oct. 17.

Long-time members dusted off their books, maybe literally, as existing and recently appointed board members worked together to revise the corporation’s by-laws.

The status of the board was a recurring question at Enosburg Initiative meetings over the summer.

Franklin County Industrial Development Corp (FCIDC) director Tim Smith visited one meeting to explain the history of the board, and Enosburg Falls’ industrial park, which the board governs.

The park currently has two tenants. Smith said he had received about three calls concerning the park in the past 18 months. Callers tend to be “tire-kickers,” he said, prospective buyers looking around in general rather than for a specific purpose.

The park’s Act 250 permit limits its possible tenants to businesses offering value-added manufacturing jobs.

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