Below you will find a guide to the candidates in Franklin County’s 2018 elections, with links to stories containing information on the candidates and their positions, including answers to our Candid Candidate questions.


Franklin County Sheriff

Democrat Roger Langevin and Republican Thomas Oliver are competing for Franklin County Sheriff, a position that opened after current sheriff Robert Norris announced his retirement earlier this year.

Roger Langevin, Democrat

Tom Oliver, Republican

Franklin County Probate Judge

Probate judges oversee wills and estates, as well as adoptions, name changes and other famly matters. Both Democrat Bob Farrar and Republican Vaughn Comeau are vying for the position after the retirement of Larry Bruce, who held the position since 2006.

While the position is generally apolitical, Farrar and Comeau have sparred over whether or not the position, normally part-time, should remain a part-time position or be handled as full-time.

Robert Farrar, Democrat

Vaughn Comeau, Democrat

Franklin County Senate

There are two Senators for Franklin County who represent the county and the Grand Isle town of Alburgh in the General Assembly.

There are four candidates in the race, with the top two vote getters heading to Montpelier in January. The only incumbent is Republican Randy Brock, who was appointed to his seat when fellow Republican Dustin Degree stepped down to take a position with the Scott administration.

The other three candidates are Democrats Pam McCarthy and Dustin Tanner, and current St. Albans City Rep. Core Parent, a Republican.


Randy Brock, Republican

Pam McCarthy, Democrat

Corey Parent, Republican

Dustin Tanner, Democrat

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Vermont House races

Franklin 1: Georgia

Democrat Ed Simon is challenging incumbent Republican Carl Rosenquist. Rosenquist has represented the largely Republican district for the last two years, succeeding Rep. Carolyn Branagan when Branagan was elected to the state senate in 2016.

Carl Rosenquist, Republican

Ed Simon, Democrat

Franklin 2: Fairfax

In 2016, incumbent independent Representative Barbara Murphy held off a challenge from Republican Mary Beerworth by just 58 votes. Now Beerworth is back for another try.

Mary Beerworth, Republican

Barbara Murphy, Independent

Franklin 3-1: St. Albans City, portion of St. Albans Town

There are four candidates in this two-person district, with the top two vote getters set to go to the House. Both seats are open following the retirement of longtime Democratic Rep. Kathleen Keenan and Republican Corey Parent’s decision to seek a Senate seat.

The Democratic candidates are former representative Mike McCarthy and newcomer Kate Larose.

The Republican candidates are Jim Fitzgerald, who previously held the seat as a Democrat, and Casey Toof, who is making his second run at House seat.

Jim Fitzgerald, Republican

Kate Larose, Democrat

Mike McCarthy, Democrat

Casey Toof, Republican

Franklin 3-2: St. Albans Town

Incumbent Eileen “Lynn” Dickinson has represented St. Albans Town since 2008. Dave McWilliams, running this year as an independent, challenged Dickinson in 2016 as a Democrat, a contest she won handily.

Eileen “Lynn” Dickinson, Republican

Dave McWilliams, Independent

Franklin 4: Sheldon, Swanton

Both seats in this two-person district are currently held by Republicans. Brian Savage has represented Franklin 4 in the House since 2008. Marianna Gamache was elected to the House in 2014.

Nick Brosseau was nominated by the district’s Democrats in a write-in vote during the primary. He will be on the ballot.

Independent Tammie Consejo entered the race in October. As a result, she will not be in the ballot. Voters wishing to support her will have to write-in her name.


Nick Brosseau, Democrat

Tammie Consejo, Independent

Marianna Gamache, Republican

Brian Savage, Republican

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Sheldon, Swanton candidates meet

Franklin 5: Berkshire, Franklin, Highgate Richford

Five candidates – two Democrats, two Republicans and one independent –are vying for a pair of open seats in the this district spanning the northernmost communities of Franklin County.

Incumbents Rep. Albert “Chuck” Pearce (R – Richford) and Rep. Steve Beyor (R – Highgate) both announced they wouldn’t be seeking reelection earlier this year, citing age and health as reasons for retirement.

None of the candidates have held a state representative seat before.

Josh Aldrich, Republican

Daniel Nadeau, Democrat

Linda Collins, Independent

Shane Rhodes, Republican

Charen Fegard, Democrat

Franklin 6: Bakersfield, Fletcher, Fairfield

This is a one-seat district representing three towns. Incumbent Democrat Dan Connor chose not to seek re-election, creating an open seat for which two first time candidates are vying.

Republican James Gregoire is the owner of the Fairfield Market.  Fletcher’s Kelly Cummings is running as a Democrat.


Kelly Cummings, Democrat

James Gregoire, Republican

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Franklin 7: Enosburgh, Montgomery

This is the fourth race for incumbent Progressive and Democrat Cindy Weed. She is being challenged for her seat by Republican newcomer Felisha Leffler.

Felisha Leffler, Republican

Cindy Weed, Democrat/Progressive

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