ST. ALBANS CITY – Vermont State Police (VSP) are investigating the apparent suicide of a man on Diamond Street Wednesday morning.

VSP reports Bruce L. Hill, 41, fired at two St. Albans Police Dept. (SAPD) officers and a mental health counselor when the three visited the residence at around 10:30 a.m. yesterday to check on the well-being of Katherine Cristie, 31.

Hill fired through the door at the three men, according to VSP, missing one of the officers by mere inches.

The officers, Sgt. Joe Thomas and Sgt. Frank McCarty, along with Northwestern Counseling and Support Services counselor Josh Cate retreated to the porch of a home across the street and attempted to make contact with those in the house, according to VSP.

In the meantime, police established a perimeter around the house with more than 30 officers from the SAPD, VSP, Fish and Wildlife, and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office reporting to the scene.

Cristie came to a second-story window at the front of the house and called down to police, who instructed her to go to the rear of the building, said Taylor. There, officers located a ladder, and assisted Cristie in climbing down.

She told officers, “I think he shot himself,” Taylor said. She also reported Hill was the only other person in the building.


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