Sunrise- Sept. 10, 1955 to Dusk-April 12, 2019

SWANTON — Darlene M. Shores was born in Cambridge, Mass. Her father Francis Hakey (deceased) was from Swanton. She is survived by her mother and step-father Gene and John Ellis from Canada,and her stepmother Margaret Hakey from Florida. She was married to Daniel Shores for 41 years and had four children.

She loved God. She loved animals and was an avid gardener. She loved to read, write, research and pursue scholarly activities as well as volunteer. She was creative and artistic and loved to laugh. She completed the Citizens Police Academy for Auburn, Maine in 2012. She volunteered at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Lewiston, Maine and received recognition for 2000 hours of service. She attended courses at Southern Maine Community College Satellite Campus in Biddeford, Maine. She volunteered for the York County Search and Rescue in Maine. She was a naturalist. She loved the ocean and the feeling of her feet touching the earth. She loved walking in the woods and with her dogs. She liked traveling in her earlier life. She was an adventurer. She was determined. She had perseverance and grit. She was a registered Abenaki Indian and her indigenous culture was very important to her. She enjoyed Native American drumming and playing her recorder.

She is survived by her three children Misty, Elijah and Kellie; her daughter Danielle went on before her. She is also survived by her sister Dawna and her brother Glenn; her beloved friends Jessica and Ed Lizotte and their three children Hunter, Parker and Peyton; and by many kind neighbors and persons unnamed who aided her along her journey.

Darlene, you are missed profusely. You left an indelible mark on those who knew you, and you lived your life as you wished full of self-determination. You were devoted to faith, and your spirit will live on for eternity. May you be wrapped in His loving arms, free from harm.

As per the Indo-Tibetan hermeneutical tradition, “It’s time to fly the expanse of the sky of Spacious Mother,” from The Sky Dragon’s Profound Roar. The nature of being is without words; in our minds, your insight, luminosity, and spirit are irreplaceable and will be missed inordinately.

If one lives life with intention, faith, and an indomitable will, nothing is lost as life is impermanent in nature and death marks the transition to the next life or rebirth and the end of suffering.