SWANTON — Danielle Cummings was named Capital Division Field Hockey Player of the Year for the 2019 season.

Cummings, who was also named First Team All Capital Division, has been playing field hockey at the varsity level since her freshman year.

MVU field hockey coach Jeanne Rainville noted that Cummings played as a center midfielder this season, but her skill and knowledge of the game allow her to play a variety of positions.

“Her stats don’t adequately represent her presence on the field,” said Rainville. “This season, she has been the backbone of our midfield and our team’s success.”

“Danielle’s field IQ is second to none,” said Rainville. “She knows where to be and what to do when she doesn’t have the ball on her stick, which is a sign of being an excellent player.”

“She moves with a purpose when she has the ball and she pays attention to the details of the game. She has an uncanny knack of always placing herself where the ball will pop out.”

As a high-skill player, Cummings spent her season playing many minutes being double and triple-teamed by her opponents.

“She knows how to protect the ball well,” said Rainville, “and the vast majority of the time she emerges from a battle with the ball in her possession.”

Field hockey is a sport that keeps athletes in motion, and Cummings has the fitness and smarts to excel at the game.

“She has great control of the ball and beats players around the outside with her speed and endurance,” said Rainville, “ and she has excellent decision-making skills, which sets her apart.”

Over the last four years, Rainville has had the pleasure of watching Cummings develop into a top-tier athlete.

“Danielle is a player who can change the game. Defensively, she is always cycling to help support her teammates, and when she attacks she can break away quickly after she has gained control of the play,” said Rainville. “She plays both ends of the field effectively.”

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