ENOSBURG FALLS — Board members redefined the Enosburg Falls Economic Development Corp. (EFEDC) at a meeting in the Peoples Trust Bank Wednesday evening.

The question before the four men and two women at the table was what the EFEDC should be — or more specifically, what Enosburg Falls could be, and how the EFEDC can make it happen.

The EFEDC was created in 1986 to hone in on local economic opportunities. By 2009 or so, its momentum was spent, and the organization lapsed into near dormancy. As EFEDC board member Ward Heneveld put it at yesterday’s meeting, the EFEDC “has been asleep for so long, and thanks to a few people, it didn’t die.”

When Heneveld said “a few people,” he gestured to Richard Brodeur, who sat beside him. Brodeur was one of the EFEDC’s leaders in its previous incarnation, and is one of the last reminders of those years as the EFEDC assembles a new board and rewrites the organization’s bylaws.

That board is nearly complete, those bylaws nearly finalized. An audit is forthcoming — Brodeur said the organization was not audited in its more than three decades of existence.

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