SWANTON — Trey Hancock, 18, is the third-ever recipient of the Swanton Arts Council (SAC)’s Emerging Artist Award Scholarship.

The SAC granted Hancock the scholarship at Missisquoi Valley Union’s Senior Awards Night Monday evening.

SAC members determined Hancock should receive the award based on his submissions to the third annual SAC Spring Youth Art Show.

Hancock submitted three pieces for inclusion in the show, which opened to the public for two days in late March at the Swanton Village Municipal Complex.

Hancock titled his central submission “Televised Broadcast.”

Televised Broadcast” consisted of multiple television sets Hancock transformed with spray paint, acrylic paint, permanent marker and paint marker to depict malevolent talking heads, rifles sprouting flowers, skeletal trees behind an encroaching sea of flame.

Hancock also submitted “Look,” an acrylic palette knife painting of sludgy psychedelic colors, flowers, a black television set (which says simply “TV”) and two words, stretching letter-by-letter around the fringes of the sludge: “WHERE?? WHO?”

Hancock’s final submission was a denim shirt painted in acrylics, a similarly sludgy purple with “POWER,” “WAR” and “GREED” painted in sharply contrasting bright yellow and red.

A banner around the painting reads “PLEASE SAVE US FROM OURSELVES.”

Hancock submitted a statement to the SAC in which he said, “I like the meaning of each piece to be left to interpretation by the viewer. I like to make art that allows people to create their own meaning… I try to make all of my work stimulate conversation and a feeling within the viewer.

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