ST. ALBANS CITY — St. Albans City and developer Grant Butterfield of Nedde Real Estate have received approval to go forward from the Development Review Board (DRB) with plans for three new buildings in downtown St. Albans.

The first, a 25,000 square foot commercial building which will house the Community College of Vermont and offices for Northwestern Medical Center with space for four first level retail or food service businesses, has been given full design approval.

The design reduces the scale of the building with a recessed center area and variations in the design. The northern entrance to the building is angled toward the corner, but in response to feedback from the Design Advisory Board, the building has a uniform feel at street level.

The second, market rate housing on the corner of Maiden Land and Congress, also has full design approval.

However, the DRB has asked for some changes to the third building, which will be located on Maiden Lane. This building will be owned and operated by the Champlain Housing Trust (CHT) and provide affordable housing. The DRB ruled the city will need to come back with a revised design that visually reduces the scale of the building before proceeding with construction.

The DRB asked that the “massive color block sections” be broken up to reduce the perceived scale of the building and that colors be adjusted to reduce the contrast with the market rate apartment building.

All three buildings received major site plan approval.


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