HIGHGATE — The National Fire Protection Association has selected Highgate volunteer firefighter Liza Comiskey as a 2019 NFPA Star “for her dedication to effectively reach the public with fire-safety education.”

The NFPA announced Comiskey’s award in a press release Monday.

The NFPA is a national organization. Its annual “stars” are selected from fire departments across the country.

As an NFPA Star, Comiskey will now attend this year’s NFPA Conference and Expo in San Antonio, Texas, with the NFPA covering travel, registration and lodging costs.

There she will participate in training sessions and conference events, and network with fellow NFPA Stars from across not just the U.S., but Canada as well.

According to the NFPA, its annual conference “is the premier annual event for fire, electrical and building safety.”

Beyond the conference, Comiskey will also work with local NFPA public education representatives to identify a fire safety initiative on which to work in her community in 2019.

The press release said the NFPA also invites its Stars to participate in webinars throughout the year, improving their fire prevention knowledge for their communities’ benefit.

Kelly Ransdell, the regional education specialist for the NFPA’s public education division, said that Comiskey “demonstrated a strong commitment to reducing Swanton and the surrounding area residents’ risk to fire and related hazards.

EMT Liza Comiskey, with both feet off the ground, demonstrates how quickly a firefighter has to get dressed to respond in an emergency to pre-school students from Highgate Elementary during a series of Emergency Services tours. (www.georgeouellettephotography.com)

“She is truly deserving of this award, and we’re thrilled to have her attend this year’s conference.”

Swanton’s village manager, Reg Beliveau Jr., echoed those sentiments.

Beliveau praised Comiskey’s knowledge of the NFPA’s mission and fire prevention messages.

“She is very active with [prevention-oriented] messages via Facebook, and covers multiple facets of prevention and awareness not only in fire safety but in public awareness of safety as it relates to everyday life,” Beliveau said in an email to the Messenger.

Beliveau also praised Comiskey’s work with Swanton Recreation, for which Comiskey serves as program director.

“Her energy is contagious, her passion for the wellbeing of our youth is commendable and her smile is infectious,” Beliveau wrote.

“Highgate Fire is blessed to have her on their team, and Swanton is honored to have her [as] a part of the Swanton community, helping us with our mission of healthy outdoor activities and positive engagement, and… delivering the fire safety messages in our schools.

“I am honored to be working with Liza,” Beliveau concluded, “and proud of her for getting this national award.”

Comiskey was one of 11 across the nation selected as an NFPA Star. The NFPA selected Beliveau himself last year.

The NFPA’s criteria for selection is “providing consistent and innovative outreach to [one’s] community; actively [using] and [implementing] NFPA resources and programs… [promoting the] NFPA in their communities, states or provinces; and/or [those who] are new, enthusiastic fire and life safety educators interested in learning about NFPA programs and materials.”