ST. ALBANS — Three fields at the Collins Perley Sports & Fitness Center (CPSFC) are in need of an upgrade, according to the facility’s manager, Dave Kimel.

Built in 1985, CPSFC provides athletic fields for the teams of the Maple Run Unified School District (MRUSD) and several local sports leagues as well as fitness and athletic opportunities for residents.

The Collins Perley Board of Directors, alongside the MRUSD board, has approved a $3.2 million project to increase field availability for the school system and the community at large.

“Times change. Needs change. If we are truly to fulfill our mission, Collins Perley needs to change,” said Harold “Butch” Hebert, chair of the CPSFC board.

The proposal includes the installation of an all-new stadium field equipped with artificial turf, large enough for soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby and several other sports. This part of the project is estimated to cost $1.25 million. The full proposal calls for a grandstand bleacher seating 500 spectators, a snack bar and restrooms, stadium lights, and additional parking near the new field, which would bump the cost up to $2.17 million.

Part two of the proposal includes artificial turf on the infield of Collins Perley’s baseball field, which would cost about $230,000. The final part of the proposal upgrades drainage on five of the center’s fields, which is estimated to cost $500,000.

“I believe turf fields are the wave of the future. This type of field will reduce maintenance costs, increase the predictability of the use and expand the season significantly,” St. Albans City Mayor Tim Smith said.

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