It is always exciting to have two local residents competing to serve on our Select Board. This March meeting will find Stacey Mercure and Julie Hulburd vying for Herb Downing’s vacated 3-year seat. First, thank you, Herb, for your years of service on the Board.

I don’t know Julie at all, but I do know that Stacey Mercure is a hard-working small business owner in town. She has also found time to be of service to the town by volunteering on the Colchester Community Development Corporation, an organization that has for many years lent its support for responsible, measured and appropriate business growth. I believe Stacey will take seriously the many tasks placed before the Select Board and will always uphold the best interests of the town and its citizens. Please vote for Stacey Mercure on March 3, or even sooner by absentee ballot!

Inge Schaefer

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