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Cassidy Martin

Cassidy Martin, Senior at Colchester High School (CHS)Instrument — Flute, piano, voice (alto)

Ensembles — Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Chorale

Cassidy is one of the most responsible students I have ever taught, taking on a lot of challenges, both in the music room and out, and handling it all with a smile.

She is an exceptional musician, and has achieved a lot in music such as playing piano for our musicals and for jazz band, as well as taking part in our district band festival this year. She is one of those students who can collaborate well with others, while bringing the best out of whoever she works with.

Lastly, Cassidy has been teaching piano lessons to beginners in the Colchester area for several years now. Not only is she a fantastic student, but has also been a wonderful teacher for some of our area’s budding pianists. Congratulations Cassidy!

Evan Peltier, Director of Bands and Music Teacher at CHS

What have been some of your favorite memories/experiences involving concert and jazz band, from 5th grade to now?

I have especially enjoyed my decision to join Jazz Band my junior year. This is something I had not thought about until Mr. Peltier urged me to audition and I am so glad I took the opportunity to do so. I have enjoyed playing a different style of music on piano than I am used to. From this opportunity, I have developed new sight-reading skills and become more confident in this ability.

How do you think playing an instrument has helped you develop as a young person?

Music is a passion I hold very close to my heart. I have played piano and flute since I was a young girl and I am beyond grateful for the many opportunities that have come from it. Playing an instrument has boosted my confidence through allowing me to learn from my teachers and peers as well as teach others. Through teaching my eight piano students, I have discovered another aspect of music I did not initially know I would love so much; the ability to share music with others has allowed me to view my passion from a new angle.

What do you think students gain from being involved in school ensembles?

As a member of three school ensembles, I strongly believe that I have become more confident in my musical abilities but also in various other aspects of my day-to-day life. I believe that being a part of a musical ensemble has not only allowed me to grow within my ability to play flute and piano; it has allowed me to expand lasting friendships with others who share my interests.

I feel that all students who choose to get involved in school ensembles find a sense of community. Maybe this community is something they are seeking, maybe it isn’t. Regardless, being involved in these ensembles allows for new social interactions, the ability to develop new skills, and the enjoyment of doing something they love. Both Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band are classes I eagerly look forward to. I love learning and I cannot think of a class I do not like, however, having this opportunity to learn about and practice a specific passion of mine is something I am constantly grateful for.

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