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Rep. Patrick Brennan

The legislature has now been in session for five weeks. Committees have been meeting and formulating ideas for bills. At this point most bills have been introduced and assigned to a committee. It appears there may be around 1200 over the two year biennium. That is about 1,000 more than we need. I won’t get into the frivolity of a great deal of these bills, but I will tell you that our time would be better spent dealing with real life issues like affordability, tax reform, education funding and insuring our transportation infrastructure remains viable.

The climate change discussion is taking precedence and being injected into every conversation in almost all committees. While I do feel we should be concerned and working towards reducing emissions, I worry that this issue is consuming some legislators to the point where logic is put aside and reason abandoned. Yes, we need to take action and we have. Many bills have been passed with an effort to reduce carbon emissions in mind. Incentives for electric vehicles, hybrids and making homes more energy efficient are currently being discussed. But as with any issue there are those who believe we are not moving fast enough, those who think we have an imminent climate disaster happening tomorrow. Legislation to address our climate issues should be carefully thought out. As with any major issue, remedies come at a price; a price born by the taxpayer.

Let’s circle back to affordability. Nearly all of the ideas born out of the Climate Solutions Caucus and the TCI (Transportation Climate Initiative) come at great expense to the taxpayer. And I am not ready to burden Colchester constituents with that burden. I believe the steps we have taken thus far have been carefully considered and should be give time to work. I will continue to advocate for a strong Transportation system, including public transit, a strong rail system, and a safe and resilient infrastructure.

As always it is a pleasure to be your voice in Montpelier, and I look forward to hearing from you.

My email is and phone number (802) 863-3773.

Thanks for your support,

Rep. Pat Brennan

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