SWANTON — The Swanton Chamber of Commerce named Mark Rocheleau its 2019 Citizen of the Year during a dinner at the Holy Trinity Church here Friday night.

Monica Greene spoke on Rocheleau’s behalf. Greene is the president of Vermont Precision Tools, where Rocheleau has worked for over 30 years.

Greene shared one-word descriptions of Rocheleau from their VPT colleagues: “dedicated, dedicated and dedicated — that was a theme I saw the whole time.

“Passionate. Tenacious. Scrupulous… Jokester. Committed. And that one came with a parentheses that said, ‘Not the asylum kind.’

“Big-hearted. Honest. Realiable. A giver. Straightforward. … Focused. Industrious.”

Rocheleau grew up in Swanton. Greene said that he came to VPT as a “tough-skinned, tough-minded, hard-working young man, who really didn’t know what his future held,” but that his commitment to his hometown led him to pave that future in Swanton.

Members of Rocheleau’s family attended the ceremony. Greene singled out Rocheleau’s wife of nearly 28 years, Leslie, whom she called “his rock, his partner in life.”

Rocheleau joined the Swanton Chamber of Commerce 10 years ago. He currently serves as its vice president.

Greene said Rocheleau’s “passion for cars” led him to the chamber.


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