SWANTON — When the Messenger spoke to Swanton native Sam Caswell in the summer of 2017, Caswell was heading to college to study film after premiering his short film Bitter Losses to benefit the Swanton Arts Council.

One year later, he’s going even farther. Caswell’s going to France.

Caswell’s short film You Must Be Artificial, which he co-created with Massachusetts College of Art and Design classmates Chris Daniels, a film major, and Jenny Whipple, an illustration major, has been selected for screening in the 71st Cannes Film Festival, the world-renowned film festival famous for showcasing independent filmmaking talents like Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino in the 1990s.

You Must Be Artificial seems simple. Two young men sit across from each other at a table in an undecorated, dark room, one questioning the other.

After that, according to the trio’s official synopsis, “truths are revealed, and the actuality of the situation is not what it previously seemed.”

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