ST. ALBANS — After 25 years, St. Albans very own bookstore, The Eloquent Page, continues to thrive.

The store is “a haven for book browsers and book lovers,” said owner Donna Howard. After graduating from Bennington College, Howard and her friend Kheya Ganguly-Kiefher opened the Eloquent Page because they saw stores with books, but no bookstore in the area, said Howard.

Books have always been a passion said Howard, but at first the pair had “no funds to start a full bookstore, so we did used books.” The store has since expanded its offerings and, Howard is proud of the store’s wide variety.

“I’ve always believed in having a little bit of everything,” said Howard. “There are few things I ban from the store on the basis of what they’re saying.”

She sells books across the political spectrum, and to people with a wide range of interests. For example, her religious books include titles for Christians, atheists and Wiccans.

“Everybody has to have a chance to have their opinion heard,” she said.

The store has large sections of history, fiction, mystery, children’s books, and Vermont books. The store is also home to the largest fashion and costume collection in the Northeast, added Howard.

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