From the Saint Albans Museum:

We are not exactly sure what team these young men were on. We are guessing it was most likely basketball. Interestingly they came to us with mostly photographs of the St. Albans Giants baseball team.

Shelley Brazee mailed to the Museum a huge collection of photographs and ephemera related to her father, Chet Mazza. The vast majority of which is from the time he spent with the Giants. There were also some materials related to his time as BFA Headmaster.

The two young men in the photograph are identified as BW Walsh and Joe Nelson. Can you give us more information about them, their team, or do you have photographs from the days of the Giants? Even better, do you have a uniform or gear from the Giants heyday? We have uniforms from the time of the Mohawks, but not the Giants or the Colonials, and we would very much like to add one or both to the Museum’s collection.

If you have information or artifacts please call the Museum at 527-7933, or you can contact us through email at