ST. ALBANS — The students of BFA-St. Albans were silent as a new name was read every minute.

“Helena Ramsay, 17.”

“Meadow Pollack, 18.”

“Alaina Petty, 14.”

The names listed, 17 in all, were those of the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that had occurred a month and a day prior in Parkland, Florida. The shooting in Parkland and the ensuing shooting threats made at other schools have inspired a student movement nationwide directed at gun control and student safety.

While the national movement’s walkout date was March 14, high school students from BFA-St. Albans had to wait a day before they could join the student protests elsewhere in the country, as a snowstorm had shut school doors the day before.

That said, when the day came for the BFA Student Walkout, they came out in force, collecting on the front steps of BFA-St. Albans Thursday morning and calling on legislators at all levels to reconsider safety at schools.


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