The Bobwhites and the Lakers battled for two halves and just under four minutes of overtime on Tuesday afternoon before Kam Dunsmore launched a ball from the left side of the field, over the Laker goalie’s head and into the right-hand corner of the net. 

“Throughout the whole game their defense was stepping up constantly, and that was leading up to more gaps over the top,” said Dunsmore. “I was able to force through a beautiful ball, and it went my way.” 

BFA goalkeeper Caden Hart was watching the play from the far end of the field. 

“It was so exciting to see that ball go in after spending the whole game in a tie! It was a beautiful shot!” said Hart.

There were plenty of scoring opportunities in the hotly contested game, but solid play by both teams’ defenders and numerous breathtaking saves kept the scoreboard blank.

“The game was very even the whole time. Their goalie made a couple of big saves and our goalie made a couple of big saves,” said BFA head coach Luke Laroche. “Things just went back and forth.”

Hart wasn’t surprised that the game was such a battle. 

“I knew when we played them in pre-season that it was going to be a tough game in net. I came out, played strong, and hoped for the win.” 

Laroche noted the grit and determination he saw from his players. 

“Our guys are never out of the game. We match up and we defend, and we did that tonight. I’m happy with how we’re doing, but I know we can still get better.”

BFA is currently 3-0-1, after victories against Colchester, North Country, and Mount Mansfield Union, and a tie with MVU. 

“We’re only a couple of weeks into the season, so we know we need to be willing to work for another month and a half,” said Laroche. “That’s a big factor.”