ST. ALBANS CITY — Norm McAllister’s defense attorney argued for the dismissal of the State’s case against McAllister in court here Friday, while a state prosecutor argued not just that the case move forward, but that it include evidence from separate, dismissed charges against McAllister.

The Messenger previously reported on an extensive filing from McAllister’s attorney, Bob Katims, in which Katims argued that the court should dismiss the now one pending charge against McAllister, a prohibited acts charge alleging that McAllister arranged a sex-for-utility-costs scheme involving a tenant on his land.

Katims called McAllister himself to the stand during Friday’s hearing, and asked the former Franklin County senator to confirm he was suspended from the Vermont Senate after the State filed what were initially a half-dozen charges against McAllister, which McAllister confirmed. Katims was attempting to establish the strain the case has exhibited on McAllister.

“Ballpark, how much money have you spent on attorneys in connection with all of these charges?” Katims asked him.

“In excess of two-hundred thousand dollars,” McAllister replied. Later, he testified that he turned “the only property that I own” over to his initial defense attorneys, and has “borrowed money” to pay his legal fees. McAllister also testified that he currently owes Katims money for Katims’ legal defense.

Katims told the judge, Michael Kupersmith, that moving forward with the case will cost McAllister “an exceedingly large amount of money” in legal fees.


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