Type of Business: Art Gallery
Owner: Artist in Residence
Website: http://www.artistinresidencecoop.com/
Phone: (802) 528-5222
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Artist Receptions on first Thursday of the Month, 4:30 – 7 p.m.

Paule Gingras came to Vermont from the busier world of Montreal and its cookie cutter suburbs. Staying was almost an accident – she says she never expected to stay in St. Albans 29 years after the fact.

“You get attached to Vermont,” Gingras said. “It’s peaceful. It’s sane.”

Gingras is also an artist, however. She sells watercolors, which currently hang in her salon, a nearby frame shop and at Artist in Residence, the local gallery she now helms as board president. Gingras also teaches local watercolor classes.

The Artist in Residence Cooperative Gallery, tucked into a corner of St. Albans’s downtown, is an art gallery specializing in local artisans. Every month sees a new set of artists featured in the gallery, showcasing anything from paintings and photography to jewelers and sculptors.

“They say if you want to find a gallery, you want to find a gallery that sells artwork like your own,” Gingras said. That’s where Artist in Residence is different, though. “We’re a different kind of gallery, because our goal is to have different artists and not just one style.

“We’re not a curated gallery with one style.”

According to Gingras, physical arts like watercolors require the artist to slow down and take in their work. Because of this, Gingras considers the arts an important piece of just being human.

“We’re not machines, we’re not computers,” Gingras said. “Working with your hands – that’s really important.”

It’s part of what she sees as the magic in the arts.

“You’re in the moment,” Gingras said. “That’s vital.”