ST. ALBANS — As of 2019, the Vermonter will continue its run from Rail City.

After rumors that Amtrak would shut down its Vermont services at the end of 2018 and substitute those services with bussing, Amtrak announced recently that it would continue operation of its Vermont trains, including the St. Albans-to-Washington, D.C. Vermonter.

“Amtrak plans to operate all of our services, as well as tenants that operate over our track, Jan. 1, 2019,” said a press release provided to the Messenger by Amtrak’s Media Center.

An announcement last February by Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson warning the national rail company would suspend service on lines that didn’t operate a safety technology called positive train control (PTC) had stirred fears that Vermont’s two rail lines – the Vermonter and the Ethan Allen Express – wouldn’t continue service into 2019.

PTC is a technological system linking an individual train into a complex, nationwide network of sensors, signals and other trains. The system advises the engineer operating a train on its speed, location and on track conditions.

Should an emergency require the engineer to brake, and should the engineer not brake accordingly, the system will automatically apply brakes to slow the train and avoid possible accidents.


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