ST. ALBANS CITY — At the heart of shooting victim Dustin Davenport’s recent arrest is a Ruger .380.

Witnesses told police Davenport pulled the gun and threatened them with it in a Kingman Street parking lot. Davenport told police he did no such thing, but he couldn’t explain, then, how those he allegedly threatened knew he had a firearm, according to a court affidavit.

Several St. Albans police officers responded to a reported two-vehicle pursuit in the city early Sunday morning, around 12:48 a.m.

First was Sgt. Jason Lawton, who was monitoring traffic at the intersection of North Main and Lake streets downtown. Lawton watched two cars run the stop sign on Kingman Street, according to his affidavit, driving side by side and fast. “The vehicles appeared to be racing each other,” Lawton wrote.

He watched the vehicles then run a red light and turn on to Lake Street without stopping.

Lawton turned on his cruiser’s lights and tried to initiate a stop, but the vehicles appeared to speed up, he wrote. They ran the Federal Street stop sign and then both stopped on Catherine Street.

The vehicle closest to Lawton’s cruiser had Florida plates. The other vehicle began driving away, as the Florida vehicle’s passengers began shouting that someone in the other vehicle pointed a gun at them. Lawton told the Florida vehicle’s passengers to stay put and drove after the other vehicle, which soon stopped.

In that car, Lawton found the 25-year-old Davenport, 27-year-old Erica Fregeau and 23-year-old Laquisha Domina.

Lawton noted he told Fregeau to keep both hands out of the car, “but on a couple of occasions [Fregeau] did not put her right hand out of the car. It is not clear what she was doing with her right hand at the time.”

Cpl. Mark Schwartz, of the St. Albans Police Dept., arrived next. He spoke with the vehicle’s occupants, per his affidavit.

Schwartz wrote Fregeau immediately said she had a gun in her purse. When Schwartz asked her if she could remove the firearm, she said, “Of course.”

It was a small, black Ruger pistol, loaded, with one round in the chamber. Someone had removed its serial number.

Fregeau said she never took the gun from her purse, Schwartz wrote.

Fregeau gave consent for Schwartz to remove the corresponding magazines from inside: an extended pistol magazine with three bullets loaded, an empty magazine and a loose round, according to the affidavit.

Schwartz then spoke with the Florida vehicle’s occupants: 47-year-old John Harrel, 25-year-old Cara Maginn and 27-year-old Samantha Larocque.

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