ST. ALBANS TOWN – With the start of a new legislative session approaching, the St. Albans Town selectboard invited recently reelected state representative Lynn Dickinson, R – St. Albans Town, to their latest regular meeting Monday night to preview that coming session.

According to Dickinson, an interest in revisiting Act 250 appeared to top the list of legislative issues that may impact St. Albans Town, as any development occurring in the town has to be approved in Act 250’s state-level permitting process.

Passed in 1970, Act 250 is a landmark state law governing land use through a set of criteria related to a development’s impact on communities and the environment. In the nearly five decades Act 250’s been enforced, the law has been credited with both conserving Vermont’s natural landscape and stymieing statewide development.

More recently, politicians have called for reforms to the law, both to streamline its permitting process as well as make the law more conducive to combatting climate change.

When she met with the St. Albans Town selectboard Monday night, Dickinson said that it appeared climate change and forest fragmentation were two of the major concerns expected to be included in coming Act 250 discussions.

Those predictions came from a study committee set up by the legislature during the outgoing session to explore possible reforms to Act 250. Widespread public release of the study is expected sometime in the coming weeks, Dickinson said.


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