ST. ALBANS – This E. H. Royce photo was taken at the corner of Lake and North Main Streets, looking north. The first building is the American Hotel and Café, known as the American House now. In the front of the hotel, in an addition that no longer exists, is Winifred’s Children Shop. Note the sign on the fourth floor of the hotel, advertising and directing customers to the Brown Jug Restaurant.

Next in line is the Franklin County Savings Bank and Trust Company (now TD Bank), Ted’s Restaurant, Prior’s Cut Rate Medicines (also advertising gifts and cosmetics), a shoe store, Twiggs and William Doolin and Co.

Before air conditioning, awning were used to keep businesses and homes a bit cooler during the hot summers, as seen here. Also note the signs to the right, directing people to St. Albans Bay, the state beach and Kamp Kill Kare.

Aren’t we glad to no longer see parking meters on Main Street? There appears to be two cars stopped in the middle of the street and a man is looking at his bumper. Might he be inspecting his bumper after an accident?

In the middle of the photo, at the top of the building, there appears to be a ladder that extends over the top of the building. Does anyone know if this was a permanent ladder to escape a fire or was it used in repairing the building?

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