Highgate’s Austin Britch, age 12, poses with his photograph “Look Up,” one piece of featured artwork from Swanton’s Youth Art Show. Austin is an avid photographer. He estimates he took 350 photographs at this year’s Maple Festival. His ambition: to become a “photographer chef,” i.e. a chef whose photographs are showcased in his restaurant. Austin also wants to keep animals in his restaurant, he said, which would, of course, be the subject of the photos. He photographed every piece of art at the Youth Art Show.

The Youth Art Show was on display at the Swanton Village Complex Friday and Saturday, hosted by the Swanton Arts Council. Dozens of parents, students and community members walked the displays, portable “art walls” created by arts council members, showcasing pencil sketches, paintings and photographs by students from elementary age to high school. Arts council co-chair Judy Paxman called the turnout “incredible.” She said she hopes to expand the art show in future years.