ST. ALBANS — It was a good night for incumbents in Franklin County, with just one incumbent House member, Enosburgh Republican Larry Fiske, losing.

Three of the races were quite close.

In St. Albans City, incumbents Corey Parent, a Republican, and Kathleen Keenan, a Democrat, were reelected. The results were a repeat of two years ago when Parent took the seat previously occupied by Mike McCarthy.

Parent was the top vote getter, with 2,007 votes, while Keenan and McCarthy were just 69 votes apart with 1,490 for Keenan and 1,421 for McCarthy. Republican Claude Bouchard came in fourth with 1,127 votes.

Parent said his re-election, as well as the elections of Republican Senators Dustin Degree and Carolyn Branagan and Governor Phil Scott, reaffirmed that fiscal problems are at the forefront of local voters’ concerns. He promised a move in a “new direction,” and said politicians needed to “focus on these pocketbook issues that have been at the top of people’s minds.”

“I’m looking forward to working with a governor who shares the same concerns,” he said.

Keenan said, “I’m very pleased to be going back. I think we need some experienced lawmakers down there [in Montpelier]… There are many things on my list I think we need to work on.” She said she looked forward to continuing the Appropriations committee’s “mission to level out spending.”

“We’ve got a lot of things to work on,” Keenan said.

In the county’s closest race Progressive and Democrat Cindy Weed reclaimed the seat representing Franklin-7 in the House, which she lost two years ago to Fiske. Fiske won Enosburg by 134 votes, but lost Montgomery by 149 votes, with a final tally of 925 votes for Weed and 910 for Fiske.

Weed said she was “very pleased” that the people of Franklin -7 re-elected her as their representative.

“My voice is going to really be needed in Montpelier,” she said, considering the state and national elections. The ordinary person needs to have a representative, she added.

In Franklin-6, Democrat Dan Connor narrowly held off a challenge from Republican Penny Dubie, who made opposition to industrial wind a key part of her campaign. Connor narrowly lost Bakersfield and his hometown of Fairfield, but won Fletcher handily for a final count of 1,118 to 1,081.

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