ST. ALBANS TOWN — Animals are now allowed in all St. Albans Town parks, as long as their owners comply with the town’s Animal Control Ordinance, due to action taken at Wednesday night’s selectboard meeting.

The board also agreed to go out to bid for the reconstruction of three stone walls near the entrances of St. Albans Bay Park, after receiving an update from Director of Public Works Alan Mashtare Wednesday night.

The selectboard voted to remove Section 7.4.2 from the town’s Park Ordinance, which prohibited people from bringing animals into a town park or facility unless required for a medical condition.

“There’s a lot of animal lovers out there,” said Bruce Cheeseman, chair of the board. “And people enjoy going out and walking their dogs.”

“I am not opposed to having animals in our park on leashes and posting signs that there’s a fine for those people that litter, that don’t pick up after their dogs,” said Cheeseman. “Give it a whirl and see how it goes.”

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