SWANTON — The Swanton Public Library celebrates its 100th anniversary this weekend with rockets and a song.


The celebration begins Friday, with “Hands-on History for Kids,” as taught by library trustee and author Rebecca Rupp, a look at life for kids 100 years back.


“You probably wouldn’t have graduated from high school,” Rupp mused. “Popular names were things like Mildred and Doris.”


Kids who attend the hands-on history lesson are going to make “Wright brothers airplanes,” Rupp said, “out of meat trays and toothpicks. I hope.


“Actually, 1916’s a pretty cool year to do. The Titanic has gone down. Surely they would have known about the Titanic.”


“Even up here,” library director Michelle Beaulieu said. “We’re always the last to know everything. Vermont was very isolated.”


Rupp, a blogger for National Geographic, has tried to find a way to incorporate rocket building into the lesson. Goddard’s rocket, the first of its kind, was launched in 1924, eight years after the library opened.


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