SWANTON — A steady stream of people popped in to the Swanton Arts Council (SAC)’s Pop-Up Pop-In gallery Thursday evening for a look at some unusual work from local artists Anita Michele Parah and Judy Paxman.

Judy Paxman art

‘Flourish’ by Paxman is one example of the way she recycles used materials into art.

Some of Parah’s work had a “steampunk” flavor, a style of art that contrasts a historic setting with technology anachronistic to the time. A jagged key chained to a journal dressed in gear shapes. A line of mousetraps covered in gears, keys, chains, gems, old buttons.

“Peacock and Pearls” eschewed the industrial technology element for history, in this case the Jazz Age: a color scheme to match that of peacock feathers, dressed in an actual peacock feather, a string of pearls and illustrations from a long-ago issue of Couture.

But there was another body of Parah’s work, showing a fascination with African culture. “African masks intrigue and fascinate me as objects of spiritual and cultural significance in African ceremonial worship,” Parah wrote on an artist statement that hung near the door.

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