SWANTON — The Highgate Falls dam owned by Swanton Village deflated Wednesday afternoon.

The dam is essentially a rubber bag.

Village Manager Reg Beliveau Jr. said the dam deflated after a one-foot blister in the rubber popped, creating a one-foot tear.

You could hear the water hissing out like a spare tire,” Beliveau said.

He said the public will not be immediately affected by the dam’s deflation.

The village’s electric generation will not be impacted. Residents will still receive the same services as usual.

Beliveau said there is no risk of flooding. He said the shift in water levels will be “no more than spring runoff.”

The water level above the dam will drop 15 feet, the height of the dam when inflated.

The village hydro facilities can still generate electricity, Beliveau said, though the ability to do so is obviously significantly diminished.

More details will be available in Thursday’s Messenger.