Summer construction underway in city

New sidewalks coming to 13 west side

Michelle Monroe

By Michelle Monroe

Executive Editor

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‘It’s a lot to bite off in one year.’

- Allen Robtoy, St. Albans City Public Works Director

ST. ALBANS CITY — It’ll be another summer of construction for St. Albans City residents, but this year most of the work will be in the neighborhoods rather than downtown.

Work will also likely begin later this summer on the Federal, Lake and Catherine streets.

The city will kick off a multi-year, nearly $5 million sidewalk project with 20,000 feet of new sidewalks and 4,800 feet of new curbing for the west side of the city.

The sidewalks to be replaced are on the following streets: Finn Avenue, Guyette Circle, Hoyt, Locke Terrace, Lower Gilman Avenue, Lower Welden, Maple, Nason, North Elm, Oak, Pearl, Russell, Sawyer, South Elm, Stowell, Cedar and Edward.

Work has already begun on North Elm and Finn Ave where crews are removing the old sidewalk and preparing for the pouring of the new sidewalk.

“We’re trying to get ahead of the pouring contractor,” said Allen Robtoy, the city’s director of public works. “They can pour a lot faster than we can prep.”

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  • Andy Girroir

    instead of sidewalks that nobody uses we should be fixing up roads like federal street