Sugaring operation files suit against Swanton Wind

By Tom Benton

Staff Writer

The Facts

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SWANTON — A Swanton sugaring business is suing Swanton Wind, alleging trespassing and illegal road construction as well as a host of complaints related to the project itself, despite the fact the project is still undergoing a Public Service Board review.

Mark and Marianne Dubie own M&M VT Maple, LLC, the company suing Swanton Wind, LLC and its manager, Travis Belisle. The Dubies’ attorney, Hans Huessy, filed the lawsuit with the Franklin County Superior Court, Civil Division, on March 3.

M&M owns land adjacent to Swanton Wind’s proposed construction site. According to the complaint, one of the project’s proposed turbines will stand within 50 feet of M&M’s property.

In the complaint, the Dubies allege that Swanton Wind representatives trespassed on that land “for the purpose of delineating wetlands” in Dec. 2014, and constructed an approximately 1,000-foot road leading to the top of the ridge sometime around September, 2015. The Dubies allege that Swanton Wind and/or its representatives “knew they were trespassing” in both cases.

The Dubies allege that the so-called “Ridge Road” was constructed without their permission, and that “numerous trees were taken down or injured” during the process.

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  • Brooke Paige

    The industrial wind profiteers see rule and regulations as nuisances to be ignored or litigated to death. Their philosophy is “Rules are for Thee, but Not for Me!” Hopefully the Dubies will receive a substantial settlement, remediation of their property damage and prevent the wind turbine from being erected in violation of the zoning setbacks or better yet prevent it from being constructed at all !