Shooting was drug deal gone bad

Burlington man shoots Richford man in St. Albans

Michelle Monroe

By Michelle Monroe

Executive Editor

The Facts

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ST. ALBANS CITY — A Burlington man has been charged with attempted murder following a shooting at 2:30 p.m. Thursday in the parking lot adjacent to Holy Angels Catholic Church on Lake Street.

“It was a drug deal gone bad,” St. Albans Police Chief Gary Taylor said this morning.

According to Taylor, the victim, Dustin Davenport, 22, of Richford, had sold cocaine to Zakk T. Trombly, 22, of Burlington, who was in a car with three other adults and a three-year-old child. Trombly has been charged with the shooting.

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  • Jennifer Sweeney

    Keep your violence in Burlington or Richford. Sounds like they met halfway and we can all thank GOD that a stray bullet didn’t hit an innocent person at the church or senior home. Worse a child walking home from school. This type of violence should not be brought to our city. We have our own problems with crime and drugs.

    • Sara A Maginn

      All i can say is i agree with you 300%. The other thing is get some employment opportunities going on here soon. We cannot have such a high volume of drug dealers in this area. WE are claimed to be an old , historic town but who wants to visit when you always take a chance of running into or coming upon a drug dealer in just about any area of Franklin County anywhere.

  • Budzik Jeff-Theresa

    Seriously Jennifer? Wtf do you mean keep your violence in Burlington? Do you honestly think anyone in any town or city wants or deserves this violence in their hometown?? Doesn’t matter where it happened, it shouldn’t anywhere!!!!