Scientists: No ill effects from turbine sounds

PSB holds hearing on noise from wind turbines

By Tom Benton

Staff Writer

The Facts

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MONTPELIER — The public and professionals argued appropriate sound limits for industrial wind turbines at a Public Service Board (PSB) workshop on Dec. 2 at the Capitol Plaza Hotel.

The split was visible from the start. Those who have opposed state officials’ approach to wind legislation sat on the left, wearing jeans and flannel or sweaters beneath yellow vests. Many had driven from Franklin County, like Swanton resident Christine Lang, Fairfield’s Sally Collopy and Penny Dubie and Franklin-4 House Representative Marianna Gamache. Meanwhile, state agency representatives and international sound professionals sat to the right in business suits.

Act 174 necessitated the workshop. The last legislative session produced the law, previously known as S.230 or S.260. The law promises “substantial deference” to municipalities with regional plans meeting a new set of regional energy planning standards, including sound limits for wind turbines.

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  • Mark J Cool

    If I’m understanding the argument for 45dB, Mr. Ollson cited the Health Canada conclusion identifying less than 40 dB as safe for human health. Isn’t he shy 5 bD if he’s using that research as evidence? Ollson then recognizes the annoyance factor. In context of zoning law it’s otherwise known as nuisance. It seems Mr. Ollson’s argument is that it’s ok that turbines cause nuisance but 45 bds won’t cause health deficiencies. (?) Don’t most states and municipalities forbid public or private nuisance (annoyance)? Shouldn’t the discussion be about a sound limit that would prevent nuisance? Why would anyone argue for tactics like buyouts and easement to resolve nuisance? Isn’t that being disingenuous to the purpose and objective of nuisance law? It ‘sounds’ like Mr. Ollsen needs to bone-up his debate (logic) game!