ST. ALBANS — A construction project at the intersection of Seymour Road and Route 105 just north of the St. Albans City-Town line has been nearly completed in an effort to create safer roadways.

Vermont Agency of Transportation District 8 project manager Jim Cota said yesterday that the majority of the work on the “Safety-T” project has been finished, save a “drop inlet” or catch basin that needs to be installed.

Roadwork began in late June, closing the first portion of Route 105 by the Messenger up through its intersection with Seymour Road until construction was nearly completed several weeks ago. The previously closed roadway is now altered: whereas the road previously curved up a slight hill to the right before meeting with Seymour Road at a sharp left, it now curves heavily to the left and comes to a “T” with Seymour Road.

The stop sign at the intersection of the two roads has been moved from Seymour Road, where it sat near the entrance to the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail, to the head of the “T” part of Route 105.

The construction cost $214,000.

Cota said the residents who live along the first portion of Route 105 seem to be happy with the construction and change, at least now that they see what it looks like.

“It was hard for them to understand what we were trying to do,” said Cota. “[But] the feedback we’ve gotten form the neighbors has been positive.”

He added, “It really reduces the chance that there’s going to be an accident there.”

Cota said that this roadway change was done in connection to Walmart opening on Route 7 last year. A signal was put in at the base of Seymour Road where it intersects with Route 7 before the store’s opening in October 2013, and Cota said having a stop sign on Seymour Road where it meets Route 105 was causing traffic issues.

The transition from a “Y” to “T” intersection between the two roads, making Seymour the main road, was also meant to improve traffic flow.

“It’s all in relation to the Walmart project,” Cota said. “That’s the reason we did this job.”