ENOSBURG FALLS — Fifth grade students from Enosburg Elementary School unveiled the new story walk along the Brownway River Trail on Friday night as part of the school’s first community dinner.

Teacher Joanne Allen selected the book whose pages are now part of the trail. Fifth grade students Devin Loiselle, Colby Pattee, Jaxon Couture, Lilly Robtoy, Alita Deuso, and Dahlia Enrico were standing by, ready to lead guests along the trail.

“The story walk is for active families who want to be active while they read,” Louiselle said, leading the group to the start of the walk. Each of the students took turns reading a page of the book to the audience, showcasing their excellent reading and public speaking skills.

There was previously a story walk on trail, but it dropped away. Rise VT has provided funding to showcase 12 different books from May 12 through the end of October, explained Allen.

“This opportunity will pair literacy and physical activity for healthy minds and bodies on a safe walking path in a natural setting. Participants can walk along the mowed path and interact with the story that overlooks the scenic Missisquoi River,” said Allen. “When the books are retired from the walk, they will be displayed along the fence inside the elementary playground. The books were chosen with the community’s interests in mind to include nature, farming, gardening, healthy eating, and recycling.”

At the end of the walk, Allen has included a notebook where participants can write comments on their reaction to the story. RiseVT also provided sponsorship for the Zumba and Drums Alive classes that were made available to the community free of charge during the evening.

“The community is very supportive of the school. We’ve worked hard to bring enriching activities to the school for the kids. We’ve brought new and exciting events that help involve the kids in their own education,” Katherine Bennett, coordinator for the PTO/Actions committee at EES said.

More than 250 meals of salad, spaghetti and meatballs were served on Friday, according to EES principal Michelle Lussier.

There was also a range of activities, including Zumba and Drums Alive classes also sponsored by Rise VT.