FAIRFAX — Franklin County Home Health Agency (FCHHA) employees drove half a million miles making close to 80,000 patient visits in 2016. Adam Van Tubergen, of Fairfax, is one of those patients.

Van Tubergen is 31 and quadriplegic. He has some use of his arms and fingers, but he “doesn’t have too much strength in his body,” as he put it, and uses a powered wheelchair for transportation. For the rest of his basic care needs, he uses FCHHA.

“I wouldn’t be able to live independently without it,” Van Tubergen said. “If I didn’t have access to it, I’d live in a nursing home or assisted living.”

Instead, he lives in a Fairfax apartment with his cat, Crazy. FCHHA workers visit him in the morning for basic care, and at night to prepare dinner. Monday night, FCHHA Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) Kathy Rooney-Leach cooked Van Tubergen a chicken stir fry dinner.

“We’ve built a good bond,” Rooney-Leach said about their relationship. She was recently out of work for four weeks due to a medical issue. “When I was out those four weeks, I missed him tremendously,” she said. “And I think he missed me a little bit.”

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